The University of Georgia

AALAS login portal provides an easy way to login to the AALAS Learning Library (ALL) website using your UGA MyID and Password without needing to maintain (and remember) a separate login and password.


Affiliate Account Manager (AAM)AAM provides users of OVPR’s information systems a convenient means to manage and monitor login identities of persons who are not faculty, staff or students of UGA .


anops tile

ANOPS is an electronic Animal Operations management web application used by UGA researchers and University Research Animal Resources (URAR).


ArtemisArtemis is an electronic Animal Use Proposal Submission and Review web application used by the IACUC on the UGA campus.


ChematixChematix is a suite of web-based modules supporting compliance, health and safety.


eResearch Grants and AwardseResearch Portal Grants and Awards provides a single solution for the handling of all proposal and award processes on campus.


IRB portalIRB portal is an electronic Human Subjects Proposal Submission and Review web application used by human subjects researchers and the IRB on the UGA campus.


PAULAPAULA provides a normalized source of information (originating in authoritative sources) about Persons, Accounts, Units, Locations, and Affiliates.


PivotPivot is a tool to assist researchers in finding funding opportunities targeted to their research interests.


UGA Citi Login PortalUGA Citi Login Portal provides an easy way for UGA faculty, students and staff to login to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website.


UGA Citi Records PortalUGA Citi Records Portal provides a record of completed training courses required for compliance by researchers and research staff.


UHDUHD is a database used to track UGA units and their relationships.



UMDUMD is a database that provides membership management tools for registered UHD units.


XPRXPR, the eXtended Property Record database, extends the capabilities of Property Control’s property database.