AAM provides the means to manage the creation, expiration and deactivation of login identities for persons who are not faculty, staff or students of UGA, but need access to any of OVPR’s research information systems. These persons are defined as “UGA Affiliates” by OVPR.

AAM provides:

  1. For anyone with a valid UGA MyID to request the creation of a login identity for any person (“UGA Affiliate”) who is NOT a UGA faculty, staff or student so that they may access OVPR’s research information systems as does any UGA person;
  2. For authorized persons (“Purpose Managers”) to approve or deny requests to create UGA Affiliate login identities;
  3. For Purpose Managers to create login identities for UGA Affiliates;
  4. For Purpose Managers to set the default expiration periods of Purposes they are assigned to manage.
  5. Calculation of the expiration date of a Purpose assigned to each UGA Affiliate, based on each Purpose’s expiration period.
  6. For Superusers to Deactivate a UGA Affiliate.

If you have any questions regarding the use of AAM, please submit a request to the OVPR help desk by clicking here.

The application is designed to be easy to use and requires no training.


When would I want to request the creating of a UGA Affiliate login identity?
If you are a UGA faculty or staff member and need to give a person (who is not a UGA faculty, staff or student) access to any application in the OVPR suite of research management applications, you may request the creation of that login identity for that person. That person is defined as a UGA Affiliate.
What is the ‘OVPR suite of research management applications’?
It is composed of all of the software applications listed on the OVPR GeaR page, plus other applications that may not be listed there.
What will that ‘UGA Affiliate’ use for logging in to OVPR applications?
Their unique email address will be their login ID (username), and they will create and manage their own passwords. OVPR’s login authentication service will handle their login authentication, as it does with UGA persons using their UGA MyID and password to log in.

Does a UGA Affiliate automatically have access to all of OVPR’s applications?
Once the affiliate has been granted a login identity, they may log in to any OVPR application, but their rights and privileges in any application are controlled from within the application itself. It is up to the administrators of each application to grant any user their appropriate role(s) in each application.

Does having an OVPR ‘UGA Affiliate’ login identity allow a user to login to other UGA systems?
No. Only OVPR’s applications recognize the login credentials of UGA Affiliates managed by AAM.

For how long is a ‘UGA Affiliate’ account valid?
It is valid for as long as the affiliated person is assigned at least one purpose for accessing OVPR systems or until the person is deactivated by an AAM superuser. Note that UGA Affiliates are assigned to one or more “purposes”.

Purpose assignments have expiration dates. When all of a UGA Affiliate’s Purposes have expired, that UGA Affiliate is marked “Inactive” and may no longer login to OVPR applications. The UGA Affiliate may become “active” when at least one Purpose to which they are assigned is given a new expiration date. The UGA administrative personnel assigned as Purpose Managers control these expiration dates for each UGA Affiliate assigned to a Purpose that the Purpose Manager controls.