Chematix is a suite of web-based modules supporting compliance, health and safety in the following areas:

  • Chemical inventory management in laboratories and storage areas
  • Chemical waste disposal and management
  • Laboratory safety inspection and remediation
  • Management of hazardous materials and Right to Know (RTK) employee training records
  • Safety shower and eyewash inspection and remediation
  • Fire safety equipment management

If you have questions regarding use of the system, please contact the Environmental Safety Division at 706-542-3875.

Chematix Online training in most of the tasks is available:

Basics Training

Lab Personnel Training

Lab Management Training

Chemical Waste & Disposal Training

Why would I need to use Chematix?

If you manage a chemical lab, radiological lab or hazardous waste, you should be using Chematix now to assist you and ESD in managing these materials.

If you are a person with accounting roles in a department that has chemical labs and/or uses certain core facilities, you may benefit from or need Chematix to account for and manage spending on these activities.

Certain employees in ESD use Chematix to carry out their duties.

How do I login to Chematix?

Use your UGA MyID and Password.  You will be granted access according to the role(s) assigned to you in Chematix.

Do I need training to use Chematix?

You will probably need training in the various modules available to you in Chematix.  Online training is available here.

Contact nesmithj@uga.edu to make arrangements for assistance.

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