ANOPS portal:

Improves efficiency through a streamlined animal order, transfer and import processes

  • Provides electronic support for the submission of animal orders, transfer requests and imports
  • Automated reminders will notify researchers and University Research Animal Resources staff of important milestones and when actions are needed in all animal operations processes.
  • Detailed monthly invoices will provide accurate explanation of all charges.
  • Real time tracking of animal census based on room/protocol or account including direct access to Click Card information.

Increases transparency, easy access to animal information, and enhances communications

  • Investigators will have easy access to their entire project records in one location 24/7; this includes the approved protocol, recruitment materials, questionnaires, amendments, and the current consent forms.
  • Investigators will be able to see the current status of all orders, imports and transfers and will also have access to historical invoices and use information.
  • All communications between the researchers and URAR will be contained within the system.

Going Green

  • By eliminating virtually all paper, the new system will be environmentally friendly.
If you have questions regarding use of the system, please contact University Research Animal Resources at 706-542-4173.
How do I access the ANOPS eResearch Portal?
ANOPS eResearch Portal can be accessed by clicking “ANOPS Login” to the left or directly visiting
How do I login to the ANOPS eResearch Portal?
Login to ANOPS eResearch Portal with your UGA MyID and password.
Do I need Training to use Artemis?
No. ANOPS eResearch portal is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Periodic training sessions will be available to all UGA faculty and staff. Immediate support can be obtained by contacting Christopher Carter at or by phone at 706-542-7378.
What can I do in the ANOPS eResearch Portal?
ANOPS eResearch Portal provides electronic support for orders, transfer, imports, exports and service requests. Current and historical animal census and order history is also available.
What if my protocol is missing?
Please contact Christopher Carter at or by phone at 706-542-7378. Protocols can take a few hours to sync after IACUC approval.
What if my available animal information is incorrect?
Please contact Christopher Carter at or by phone at 706-542-7378. Available animal numbers are imported directly from your AUP and should reflect all approved amendments.
How do I add ordering permissions for office staff not listed on my AUP?
To provide permissions to staff not listed on your AUP, login to the ANOPS eResearch Portal, click your Name in the upper right portion of the screen and add the person under Default Ordering Information.
What if I don’t use the default departmental business manager?
The business manager or fiscal approval can be changed while drafting an animal order/import/export/transfer.
How do I know the status of my order/import/transfer/service request?
Login to the ANOPS eResearch portal and select the appropriate tab for the item you’re looking for information about. The current status of that item will be listed under the “Status” column.

If your status is pre-submission and you’ve finished your request, it’s likely you forgot to follow through with the “Submit Request” action.