PAULA (Persons, Accounts, Units, Locations, and Affiliates) provides a simple way for authorized persons to search for and retrieve:

  • Persons: Information about UGA faculty, staff, student and retirees including contact information, departmental assignment and status information about.
  • Accounts: UGA spending accounts, including their name and department
  • Units: UGA budgetary units
  • Locations: UGA buildings and rooms, statewide, and laboratories on the Athens campus
  • Affiliates: Persons who are not UGA employees or students, but are affiliated with OVPR, a laboratory or have some other responsibility or relationship that requires UGA to track training records, responsibilities or provide access to UGA resources


PAULA provides a normalized source of information (originating in authoritative sources) about these entities so that OVPR systems have a single way to reference this information and authorized persons have a simple way to search for and retrieve this information.


The first release of PAULA was placed into production in 2007.

If you have questions about PAULA or need access to the user interface, please send an email to Jerry NeSmith at

No training is required in order to use PAULA.

Where does PAULA get its information?
  • Persons (faculty, staff, students, retirees) come from the UGA ID Management system.
  • Account information comes from the UGA Accounting Department.
  • Units come from the Accounting Department
  • Locations (buildings and rooms) are sent from the AIIMS system in Physical Plant. Labs are sourced from the Chematix system, operated by OVPR and Environmental Safety Department
  • Affiliates are maintained in the OVPR Affiliates system, which supports research support service operations, the Office of Sponsored Programs and other OVPR units
How current is the information?

PAULA is updated at least nightly from all of these systems.  Laboratories are updated multiple times during the day.

How reliable is this information?

It is as reliable as the authoritative system from which it comes.

Can I correct errors in this information?

Data must be corrected at its authoritative source (Human Resources, Student Records, Accounting, Physical Plant, ESD, Office of Research Support Services). In some cases, OVPR has the ability to correct specific information temporarily for the purpose of smooth operation of OVPR systems, but these changes are considered only temporary and will not affect the information in its authoritative source.

Why must I be authorized to use PAULA?

Some of this information is considered “sensitive” and is not for general consumption.

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