Pivot is a subscription database of more than 25,000 funding opportunities from numerous sponsors across all disciplines. UGA faculty, postdocs, students, and staff can search the database and create custom email funding alerts based on the criteria provided by the individual researcher. Funding opportunities may be shared with individuals or groups. They can be saved and tracked, so that updates are sent automatically. Pivot also identifies funding opportunities by matching to a faculty member’s research profile, and it enables researchers to identify potential research expertise inside or outside UGA. Targeting funding opportunities and identifying research collaborators by expertise requires researchers to update their Pivot profiles so that they accurately reflect research interests.


Community of Science, or COS, was a service that provided links to funding opportunities and researcher profiles.  Pivot, launched in late 2011, is a next-generation product that links funding opportunities to researcher expertise through searching profiles.


The most efficient way to find funding opportunities is to set up customized searches and/or funding alerts that automatically notify you of funding opportunities in your area of interest.

Contact the Pivot Help Desk: http://pivot.cos.com/helpdesk UGA assistance also is available. Contact thasting@uga.edu

Pivot offers easy-to-use documentation, videos and webinars on how to use Pivot.

You may also contact thasting@uga.edu if you are interested in a group or individual assistance with Pivot.


Is this service free?
Yes, UGA subscribes to Pivot. All UGA faculty can have an account.
Is Pivot the same as COS (Community of Science)?
Pivot is the next generation of COS. It has an improved interface and additional functionality: funding opportunity search capability is enhanced and user profiles are integrated with funding opportunities so that you can find related expertise at your institution or elsewhere.
If I had a COS account do I need to set up a new one in Pivot?
You will use the same username and password to login to Pivot.
How do I login?
Use your UGA email as your user ID and your UGA ID password to login for the first time. You can change your User ID and password once you set up your account.
How do I learn how to use Pivot?
Pivot offers easy to follow support through support guides, videos, and live and recorded webinars. See http://pivot.cos.com/support UGA also offers training to individuals, departments, or groups. Contact thasting@uga.edu
Look for updates on Pivot in the UGA Research Newsletter.