CITI Records downloads training records from CITI, then integrates those records with research administration processes.

The CIT Records Portal provides a secure means to search for and examine training records of UGA researchers and others affiliated with UGA. Training records may not be modified by any user using CITI Records.

CITI Records has three end-user views, depending upon the roles assigned.

  • Non-Privileged End User

    If the end user has no special roles assigned, after login the user will see their own CITI training records.

  • Unit Administrator

    If assigned as a Unit Administrator (by the Training Record Administrator), the user will be able to query and view the CITI training records of any UGA or UGA-affiliated person.

  • Training Records Administrator

    If assigned as a Training Records Administrator, the user will be able to manage the assignment of Unit Administrators, as well as query and view the CITI records of any UGA or UGA-affiliated person.

The Office of Research Information Systems supports the CITI Records portal.  If you have any questions or issues, please submit a request to the OVPR help desk:

CITI Records is designed for use without any special training.

Who can use the CITI Records portal?
Anyone with a valid UGA MyID/password, including affiliates registered in the OVPR affiliate system
Why can’t I login?
Apparently you do not have an active UGA MyID or are entering an invalid password.
I logged in, but none of my training records are shown. Why not?
If you have no training successfully completed in CITI, then no training records exist in CITI Records. CIT Records does not receive a training record until a course has been successfully completed with a “Passed”.
Why can’t I see the training records of other people?
You have not been assigned as a training record Unit Administrator.  If you need to access others’ training records, send an email to with a description of your job duties and responsibilities which require access to research compliance training records.
How secure is CITI Records?
Access requires a valid UGA MyID/password.  Only authorized persons with a need to know may see other persons’ records.  Sensitive information is not stored on the CITI Records database. Controlled information, such as UGAID, is not shown to any unauthorized persons.  The internet connection is through a secure, encrypted SSL web connection.
Can I request that my training records be corrected on CITI Records?
No.  The information in CITI Records originates on the CITI training site.  Any corrections must be made at their point of origin.