XPR, the eXtended Property Record database, extends the capabilities of Property Control’s property database.  Extensions include:

  • Easy online searches based on many combinations of search criteria
  • Ability to add and manage equipment not present in Property Control’s database
  • Ability to normalize manufacturer names and model numbers for more accurate equipment descriptions and record keeping
  • Ability to categorize equipment into a three-tiered system of types
  • Ability to assign technical leaders and technicians to equipment categories for equipment maintenance record keeping
  • Secure warranty, maintenance, inspection, and calibration recordkeepingfor each item
  • Equipment views for Property Control Authorized Inventory Control Officers (AICO)
  • Automated generation of “Surplus Equipment Forms” and built-in surplus record keeping

Through a secure login, XPR provides an Administrative Control Panel that presents a menu of functions, based upon the user’s role in XPR.

If you have questions regarding use of the system, please contact the Office of Research Information Systems at 706-542-2411.

Specialized training is not required to use XPR.

Why would I need to use XPR?

If you have the role of Authorized Inventory Control Officer (AICO) assigned to you by Property Control, you will find XPR helpful in the processing surplus requests, finding equipment, and assigning proxies to others to do the same.

If you find the user interface and capabilities of existing systems for finding your department’s equipment to be insufficient, XPR may help.

If you wish to keep maintenance records for equipment, XPR may help.

How do I access XPR?

Only authorized users, including AICO’s, may access XPR’s administrative control panel through the login screen.  If you wish discuss your needs for XPR, contact nesmithj@uga.edu

How do I login to XPR?

Login with your UGA MyID and Password.  If you are an authorized user, you will be granted access.

Do I need training to use XPR?

You may need a brief one-on-one training in order to understand the concepts embedded in XPR.

Contact nesmithj@uga.edu to make arrangements for training.

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